The perfect garden for your home

With the greenyGARDEN, you can bring your very own garden into your home and at the same time be part of a revolutionary innovation and a healthier world!

Bring your own personal garden under your roof! The greenyGARDEN gives you fresh and nutritious vegetables & fruits - whenever you want!

Your vertical garden at home!

What is a vertical garden?

- the greenyGARDEN MASTER has an approx. 2.05 m high column - made of biodegradable biofilamentes

- is an aeroponic plant growth system - equipped with the latest technology

- made with a professional 3D printing process - near you

- During production, attention is paid to ecological materials, processes and short transport routes

- it can be operated in the flat, in the house, as well as on the balcony, the terrace or in one's own garden

What are the advantages of a vertical garden?

- one greenyGARDEN MASTER with a perimeter of 0.5m², replaces a cultivation area of approx. 60m² of land

- Vegetables and fruits grow all year round, regardless of the weather

- no herbicides or pesticides are needed

- these are high-quality and nutrient-rich fruits & vegetables

- 95% water is saved due to the filtered and closed water circuit

How do you become part of this innovation?


- a lifestyle with healthy and nutritious food is important to you

- you like to be part of a new, modern and innovative community

- you would like to have a private garden, but you don't know much about growing your own food, you don't have a green thumb, or you don't have much time to spend on it and care for it

- you want to take over part of your own care and become more independent from the system

- It is important to you to know and determine that your vegetables and fruits grow without pesticides and herbicides

- you want to give yourself and your family access to food, so that you can also enjoy the miracle of nature every day

- you care about the environment and your (family's) health

- you would like to invest in your own neighbourhood factory, produce greenyGARDEN products and improve your financial situation

- you want to actively shape the world of tomorrow

The greenyGARDEN MASTER and all other greeny+ products actively make a mark in this world - your individual mark!



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